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Musings On Markets: July 2021

The main two data centre dragging it down are the Basis Bay Data Centre in Malaysia and Keppel DC Dublin 1 in Ireland whose occupancy levels are 63.1% and 61.8% respectively. Keppel DC Dublin 1 occupancy level has actually improved slightly. Hopefully, when this is completed in 2020, the occupancy level will increase. Many a times, we take it for granted that DPU is to remain the same or increase. Banks trendy boutique s will likely be affected if a recession comes as risk of bad debts and writing off of these debts increase. No one knows for sure whether the trade war will happen and whether this will eventually lead to a bear market. Well, sort of, I would generalize the cause of bear markets as recessions and Fed tightening causing recessions or creating recessionary fears. All too often, markets turn out to be right and managers to be wrong in the long term.


However, if you apply the right stock strategy, then you may benefit from various stocks. The Dow Jones and stock Market took a pause on Thursday. When MY rises, the market P/E will tend to rise and when it falls, P/Es tend to fall. Contrary to what everyone is saying, rising interest rates and inflation will not cause the market to go down. Has this crisis allowed active investors to shine, and use that performance to stop or even reverse the loss of market share to passive vehicles (ETFs and index funds) that has occurred over the last decade? I am refraining from buying more as I want to use the opportunity to stock up on bank stocks when the down trend come. If one only invest in stocks, they could only use 35% of CPF-OA and none in CPF-SA. While there will always be room for improvement, I am not one to take the growth in stock value (NAV), DPU and stock price for granted. So, it is essential to take stock of your existing apps and operations to determine if the transition is worth your time, investment, and effort.